Welcome to Salon!
We are a boutique, marketing and project management agency.

We have many years of experience in carrying out complex projects. We operate on the Polish market and internationally. We prepare strategies and implement marketing plans. We are often entrusted with the overall running of satartups, portals or community building projects. Most of our cooperation is long-term, although we also implement single campaigns.

Butique agency?
Here's what it means

Agile nature


We are a small company and that’s a feature, not a bug. We have narrowed down our client list so that we can run projects and campaigns at the highest level. Rest assured that you will always be a priority for us.

Customized approach


We prepare strategies and tailor them to your specific goals, needs, and budgets. We maintain close contact with our clients, working out the best plan of action together. 

High standards


We rely on our knowledge of the industry, products, and our customers to provide services at the highest level. We consider details, market specifics, and seasonality to ensure high quality and accuracy.

Access to specialists


Each client is assigned a project manager and has access to our other specialists. Having a designated PM speeds up decision-making processes, improves communication, and builds mutual trust.

We promote positive marketing responsibly using marketing tools.

We promote positive marketing responsibly using marketing tools.

less outdoor advertising   •   less printing and gadgets   •   no dirty tricks  reduced digital pollution   •   diversity and inclusion

Need a marketing strategy?
We will prepare
an individual offer.

We can provide a customized strategy and marketing plan to implement internally or to implement with us. As part of our subscription cooperation, we can work on communications, social media, events, content creation, website and landing page building, and more.

The company was founded in February 2018 by Agata Kostecka-Prorok and Kamila Dziwirek, who worked in the marketing department of one of Poland’s leading ERP system manufacturers. 

The company was founded in February 2018 by Agata Kostecka-Prorok and Kamila Dziwirek, who worked in the marketing department of one of Poland’s leading ERP system manufacturers. 

Both have gained extensive experience both on the client side and in marketing agencies, which allows them to look at management challenges from all perspectives. As a result, they prepare marketing strategies that bring real benefits. Many years of work focused on acquiring sales leads and building communities have contributed to the unique knowledge they now share with other companies.


While working with us you get not only the project execution, but also business expertise, as well as team & budget management.

Team of experts

We specialize in sales support activities and community building. Our team has extensive experience of working closely on international markets. We use our years of experience to implement the best possible strategy. 

Fresh perspective

We approach each project individually, starting with a product or service workshop to analyze potentials. Based on key findings, we prepare and implement year-round strategies as well as ad-hoc, single activities.

True partnership

We combine a business approach with a human one. We meet with your team regularly, discuss results, set goals for progress, and make any adjustments necessary. We communicate effectively in virtual teams.

Contact Salon's founders


Agata Kostecka-Prorok

creative director, owner

Designs marketing strategies that shape the future of companies and products, playing a crucial role in driving the development of the company itself and the closely associated community.


Kamila Dziwirek

development director, owner

Specializes in organizing people and processes. Supports business development by building marketing from scratch and engages in creating social and environmental responsibility in business.

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